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Osmose provide opportunities for international volunteering and internship as a host organization within the project in Cambodia, with the support of Osmose France, the sister NGO in Europe.


Any person with at least 2 years of professional experience can apply for a position of Volunteer at Osmose, without any restriction of nationality. Cambodian candidatures are sought.

Any last year student who wants to perform his field research in order to complete a curriculum can apply for an Internship at Osmose, if the topic of the work is linked with the fields of activity of Osmose.

For European citizens, there is a possibility of VSI (International Solidarity Volunteer).


  • s/he has good command of English language, and Khmer language is highly valued
  • s/he has 2 years of professional experience or s/he is a last year student in the related fields:
  • _Environmental conservation, Social handicraft business Tourism,
    Education, Finance and administration
    _Project management, Design, Communication, Logistics,
    _General practitioner or pediatrician.

  • s/he is applying for at least 6 months, and preferably one year of Volunteering;

The length of the Internship will be defined in the Internship agreement between the school/university, the student, and Osmose.

Commitments of Osmose

1- Mission preparation

Osmose in Cambodia and/or Osmose France will help the volunteer in the preparation of the mission through:

  • providing general information on the project and specific documents relevant to the mission;
  • answering questions about the practical aspects of the mission (safety, health, luggage, travel, visa, etc.).

2- Financial support

Osmose will:

  • Cover the business visa fee (6 or 12 months business visa) and working permit fee as necessary
  • Provide a monthly subsistence allowance of 150$-250$ per month;
  • Facilitate, to the best of its ability, housing for the volunteer/intern in Siem Reap.
  • Cover travel to/from, food and accommodation in the project sites (floating villages);

3- Mission support

Osmose will ensure, to the best of its ability, that all the conditions are met to allow the volunteer /intern to fulfill his / her mission. It will namely provide:

  • assistance for eventual administrative procedures;
  • access to office space, material, computers, internet and communication;
  • access to Osmose library and files;
  • liaison with relevant stakeholders and key contacts.

Commitments of the Volunteer/Intern

1- Mission preparation

The volunteer / intern will:

  • participate in reviewing / finalizing the Terms of Mission;
  • dedicate appropriate time and resources to prepare his / her mission, in its technical and practical aspects;
  • immediately inform Osmose of any unexpected event affecting the implementation of the mission.

2- Responsibilities

The volunteer / intern will be responsible for:

  • Subscribing a personal medical cover (disease, accident and evacuation);
  • Covering his / her visa on arrival fee (1 month business visa)
  • Covering his / her travel, food and accommodation costs in Siem Reap.
  • Preparing a mission report, and to send the end of study work in case of internship

3- Mission implementation

The volunteer / intern will:

  • Dedicate sufficient time and involvement in the project sites to fulfill his / her mission;
  • Report to the Executive Director any significant obstacles / constraints impairing the implementation of the mission;
  • Not disseminate within or without the project any confidential information s/he may come across during the course of his / her mission.

III. How to apply ?

The candidate must send a motivation letter and curriculum vitae to Osmose Cambodia : comms@osmosetonlesap.net, or to osmosefrance@yahoo.fr. in case of VSI procedure.

Applicants meeting the conditions of eligibility will be sent a preformatted “Volunteering/Internship request form”. The form will namely list the topics identified for possible volunteer / intern missions according to the current project needs. Each applicant has to fill in and submit this request form to Osmose.

The submission of the application form implies that the applicant fully abides by the terms of Osmose volunteering/internship policy described here.

Once a selected applicant has confirmed his / her commitment of volunteering / internship, Osmose will prepare a document defining the terms of his / her mission. This will include: (1) title of mission, (2) start and end of mission, (3) goal and objectives, (4) supervisor and counterpart(s), (5) tasks and activities, (6) outputs, (7) practicalities. The volunteer / intern will have to sign these Terms of Mission and send it to Osmose for final approval.

Within the next month after the reception of the signed Term of Mission, Osmose will invite the candidates for a meeting, in Siem Reap for people in Cambodia, trough Skype for foreigners, and in France for Europeans attending for a VSI status.

After the interviews, Osmose will notify the candidates the result, and will prepare the contract to be signed.