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Genuine ecotourism should ensure it benefits the protection of the site and the local populations.

Easily accessible from Angkor and featuring attractions such as impressive waterbird spectacle, pristine flooded forest, traditional fishing and floating villages, Prek Toal possesses a huge tourism potential. From its inception, the project has recognized ecotourism as a concrete mean for raising awareness and as an economical force to drive changes in the mode of exploitation and valorization of natural resources (birds, forest). Osmose ecovisits are organized in a way to generate the maximum direct benefits for involved families.
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For instance, former bird poachers and women head of households obtain complementary income in providing a wooden canoe circuit, by selling local handicraft or by presenting a typical livelihood (fish raising, floating garden, fishing gear, etc.). Furthermore, the proceeds of the visits fund a village development program, widening the impact among poor families. Thanks to an intimate knowledge of the site, a constant care of quality, specially trained guides and integration of tourism in an ecological-cum-humanitarian project, Osmose is the first tourism actor in the area. Over two hundred visits are now organized per year, and more than 7,000 visitors have discovered Prek Toal as an 'osmosian' !

Since 2007 in the village of Peck Kantiel and since 2009 in Prek Toal, Osmose has initiated a community tourism project. Village tours by wooden canoe, local restaurants and homestays give visitors the chance to live with and amongst the villagers, creating a genuine intercultural experience.

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